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History, knowledge and therefore reality is shaped by who teaches it

Wisdom is bestowed on all men who seek it diligently.

As a people our history have been stolen and true identity erased, such atrocities cannot be undone however it is our responsibility to gather our libraries. regenerate history without the veil of white supremacy enable Black American knowledge of self and liberation from mental slavery. The mind controls the body, if the mind has set limitations on itself a person can only achieve at best those limitations. When the mind is exposed not only to its limitless possibility but also the achievement and resources of their predecessor, they will have the tools to achieve any dream set in their hearts.
History according to the truth is not given but sought out, reality has always been shaped by the powerful as it is to this day. As intellectuals we have a duty to sought out fact from fiction according to truth and not association of being black. It is vital to eliminate the inferiority complex we suffer as a people from white supremacy not in order to gain black supremacy but to let truth govern our reality.



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