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My Hood is a social media platform created for communities to share and document information note worthy to be shared with the rest of the community and also the rest of the world. Our goal is to supply members of the community with pertinent information that is taking place in their own community which may identify important issues that can be solved before becoming a big problem to us all.

Biz In MyHood

  • Businesses in the spotlight and those highly recommended by the community or its own activities are displayed here
  • Home owners, real estate agents can post rentals which visitors can apply to or contact directly.
  • Visitors and local stores can sell online products or services
  • Employers, job agencies and recruiters are encouraged to post jobs that are available in their community
  • We love to brag about businesses who over achieve in community relations with all minorities. Our Hall of Fame was created just for them. Businesses who support there community and is apart of any programs that uplift the community they do business in should be noticed and put on a pedestal as an example to other business owners, good relations with the community will greatly improve your bottom line over other business who do not give back or support the community.
  • Here we note the business with many complains from their community and give the business owner a chance to validate complain or correct the issue. Awareness of a problem in the community can be the solution to a problem in the community.
  • If you any complain against any public employees that service your community,we highly recommend that you file a complaint with the correct public department. If you would also like to make a complaint that is document for the communities record we encourage you to file your complaint here. too many complaints about the same issue cannot go un-noticed by any community.
  • Making complaints about the behavior of public employees and officials can be difficult to make to the right party and even when your able to do so it get ignore or simply thrown away with no record of the incident. MyHood allow user to make legitimate complaints on public employees which is available for public viewing. If an employee receives numerous complaints, it is the unofficial duty of the community members to furnish the public information to the proper channels which cannot be thrown away and discarded.
  • Police officers who are sworn to uphold the law with many complains is a red flag to the community and a problem for police relations. The community could prevent the death of one of our precious black teens or a providing parent by keeping track of what is going on in our communities.This public information can be furnish to given to the right authorities.
  • We encourage the community to post crimes or actions the rest of the community should be aware of such as unsupervised dogs or other potential dangers to the community. crimes can be reported anonymously as we keep ourselves and families safe. 
  • Every hood has a superstar or two, post your local music and represent your community. 
  • Music makers can show case their talents and services,
  • Beat makers can market to musicians and make beautiful music.
  • Promote yourself, band  and your venues

MyHood Communities/Neighborhoods 

Boast about your hood, its music, the events activities and much more.


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